Version 1 Utilising Innovation to Drive Customer Success

ICBF, the organisation responsible for dairy and beef cattle breeding improvement in Ireland, has partnered with Version 1 in driving forward its innovative technology offering that will aid in the provision of cutting-edge services to Ireland’s farmers and the agri-food industry.

ICBF is an industry-led organisation charged with providing cattle breeding information services to the Irish dairy and beef industries.

With the adoption of innovative technologies in collaboration with Version 1, the ICBF will leverage its world-leading animal genetics database in order to deliver food quality metrics, animal welfare statistics and carbon emission information to the public.

ICBF, which has been operating in Ireland since 1998, manages one of the world’s largest integrated animal databases that contains animal ancestry and DNA results, birth details, performance records, laboratory results and more areas of information that are critical to profitability in the agri-food industry. This partnership with Version 1 aims to present this data to the public to give consumers further confidence in Ireland’s high-quality meat products.

The partnership between Version 1 and ICBF to develop this innovative solution will also look to ensure that further product information can be added to the solution for consumers.

Ken MacMahon, Head of Technology & Innovation at Version 1 commented on the partnership:

“We are delighted to partner with ICBF on this project to help provide farmers and the industry with technology solutions that give consumers further confidence in Ireland’s meat products. Innovation is a full-time commitment of Version 1 and we have been continuously investing in the adoption of technologies and methodologies that will be of benefit to our customers’ businesses such as Blockchain, Machine-Learning, Chatbots, Automated Database Migration, Agile Development and DevOps. Our approach to Innovation involves identifying the best ideas and technologies that solve real and tangible problems for our customers across all industries and sectors. With this innovative project, we look forward to aiding ICBF in the provision of further value-adding technology to the industry, and in turn consumers in Ireland and abroad.”

Innovation at Version 1

An innovative company from inception in 1996, Version 1 is committed to maintaining an innovation edge to drive Customer Success as our customers’ preferred IT Innovation Partner. In 2018, Version 1 announced an investment of €1 Million in its Innovation Lab. Through the Innovation Lab, our customers will receive cutting-edge technologies and services, all designed around solving the real problems our consultants observe across our engagements with enterprise organisations.