Version 1’s AI Webinar Series: Navigating the AI Landscape

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Bridging the Gap Between Today and Tomorrow’s AI​

​Embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with our AI Webinar Series, a captivating series of webinars brought to you by Version 1. Our series is meticulously designed to enlighten and empower businesses in the realm of AI. ​​

Through insightful sessions, our experts will explore various aspects of AI, from the regulatory landscape to AI ethics, AI-assisted app modernisation, and AI in industries such as Financial Services and the Public Sector.​

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​Together, let’s unlock the potential of AI. Whether you’re a business leader, developer, or an AI enthusiast, seize this opportunity to broaden your horizons and unlock new possibilities with AI.​

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Webinar Schedule:

 A person seated at a table, hands encircling an illuminated, illustrated brain, with icons symbolising digital concepts like security, balance, navigation and data processing around it.
Implementing Company Values and Ethics in AI
28th May 2024, 3 pm BST

Providing you with insights and real-world examples of why AI ethics are important as we build and leverage AI services, especially when considering bias and inequality being reflected in data sets being used to train AI models, and the ongoing issues around data privacy.
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 A business professional at a desk with a laptop, holding their hand upwards. Superimposed on the hand are icons representing digital concepts like connectivity, data analysis, legal scales, cloud computing, and security, all interconnected, suggesting themes of digital justice
Demystifying the Regulatory Landscape of AI
18th June 2024 3 pm BST

The development and use of AI is accelerating across the globe. As governments, policy makers and other stakeholders race to regulate, a patchwork of different approaches has emerged.
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 People sitting at desks
Presenting Decipher – AI-Driven Documentation of Legacy Codebases
26th June 2024 3 pm BST

Join us for the launch of Decipher, a tool created by Version 1 that harnesses the power of AI to document legacy codebases and provide clarity – freeing time and resources to be put to better use.
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 A person in a business suit interacting with a futuristic interface that includes an AI symbol and various technology, finance and business-related icons.
The Power of AI for Financial Services
23rd July 2024 3 pm BST

Banking is expected to be one of the most impacted sectors by Generative AI across the world. This session will bring an overview of some of the key trends we're seeing and some practical use cases of implementing Generative AI in Financial Services companies. We will also talk through taking AI innovations to production and ensuring these are robust and aligned with regulatory compliance and security.
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 A futuristic cityscape at night, highlighted by blue lights, with digital icons and holograms related to artificial intelligence (AI) floating above. These include gears, a brain, network connections, binary code, people and the letters “AI”, symbolising the integration of AI in urban life and infrastructure.
The Power of AI for the Public Sector
1st August 2024 3 pm BST

The new Generative era of AI promises to accelerate and provide new opportunities to turn around the 70/30 operation to transform spend and unlock transformative change and experiences for citizens and across Government and Public Sector departments.   Continuous Value Led Transformation with AI frees up cost to fund transformation and makes this a regenerative process with ROI's cost neutral at a minimum and within years on a regular basis.  We will explore some of the many Gen-AI projects that offer significant benefits quickly. This session will cover multiple areas of Public Sector and the AI use cases that we see as must dos in the weeks and months ahead.
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 A person working on a laptop with a graphic of a light bulb superimposed in front, symbolising an idea or innovation. The light bulb is surrounded by digital interface elements, representing the fusion of technology and creativity.
AI-Assisted Application Modernisation
20th August 2024 3 pm BST

Get beyond the hype and join us as we discuss the practical and real world impact AI will have on your Modernisation & Development activities. We will share our first hand experience and understanding of where this technology will most impact (and by how much!) the software development life cycle, from design and documentation through to development and testing, through to operational support and also demonstrate some of the unique and ground-breaking solutions our world class Labs teams have created.
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