AWS Migration Acceleration Programme

Migrate to AWS with an Accelerated Framework

Accelerate your migration to AWS with Version 1 using the Migration Acceleration Program (MAP).

Version 1 can migrate you to AWS and allow your organisation to reduce costs, perform efficiently, operate excellently, have reliable workloads, be secure and be sustainable. Version 1, a Premier AWS Consulting Partner, have proven and robust experience with migrations to AWS. We use the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) with our customers to provide a framework to migrate to AWS with a standard, repeatable approach.

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"The biggest inhibitor to Cloud Adoption is lack of skills. Enterprises can't hire and train fast enough." - Gartner

How can we help?

Assess, Mobilise, Migrate & Modernise
Version 1 will use the prescribed AWS MAP framework to ensure a successful migration to the cloud.
Improve Agility
Move to AWS and have the ability to pick and choose service and technology that allow you to adapt to your organisational environment.
Discovery Service
Version 1’s very own Discovery Service will assess your estate and determine your readiness to migrate to AWS.
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Dedicated Migration Team
Use one of Version 1’s dedicated teams to migrate to AWS so that your migration is the complete focus.
Cloud Migration Factory
Version 1’s Migration Factory can accelerate your migration even further using our mature intellectual property and rapid migration automation.
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ASPIRE Managed Services
Take advantage of Version 1’s ASPIRE managed services offering to look after your applications and platform, leaving you to focus on your business.
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Cost Optimisation
By migrating to AWS, Version 1 can reduce costs. We ensure that your resources are right-sized and running optimally.
AWS Funding Opportunities
Version 1’s experience to find all funding opportunities for your migration and reduce your costs.
Version 1 has a commitment to our customers to ensure they meet their sustainability targets by applying sustainability best practices to your migration and reducing your carbon footprint.

Why Version 1?

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AWS Premier Partner

Version 1 is a leader in Enterprise Cloud services and was one of the first AWS Consulting Partners in Europe. We are an AWS Premier Partner and specialise in migrating and running complex enterprise workloads in Public Cloud. Version 1 is a leader in Enterprise Cloud services and was one of the first AWS Consulting Partners in Europe. We have a policy of continuous investment in technology solutions that benefit our customers and are in the small number Amazon Web Services Partners to have achieved advanced partner status. Our team works closely with AWS to help our customers navigate the rapidly changing world of IT.

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